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Why My Story Will Shock You... And How After What Seemed To Be An Endless 2 Year Battle, I Found A Secret Way To Last 5x Longer In Bed Overnight!


If you're thinking about using pills, creams or any other product to stop premature ejaculation, I'm extremely relieved that you've found my blog because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save your health, your money as well as a lot of time and frustration.

I will tell you exactly why over an 2 year period I tried but was forced to give up on pills, lotions and a range of other premature ejaculation cures (I even tried hypnosis) and how I found a way to permanently last longer during sex overnight with a new product called 'Ejaculation Trainer'.

My name is Scott McCormick, and like so many other guys out there, I spent months desperately trying to fix my ejaculation issues so I could satisfy my girlfriend with confidence.

I never had any real problem with premature ejaculation at first. However, back in summer of 2009 I had just graduated high school. Although this was fantastic and I was having a great time getting ready for college, the problem was I had just started dating my first real girlfriend. To be completely honest, this was the first time I had ever felt strong feelings for a girl... so I wanted to be absolutely sure that I could satisfy her in bed.  

The Inevitable Started To Happen.

The first time we made love I could tell she was a little disappointed. I tried making up for cumming too fast with lots of foreplay afterward, but it really didn't help that much. My confidence slowly started to dwindle due to the constant fear of losing my girlfriend to some other guy. Within a few weeks I was loosing sleep over the thought that she might start cheating on me, as I read often how "bad sex" is the 3rd main reason why most women decide to cheat. 

After a few months the stress eased off slightly and I actually did have the chance to start working out and made a big effort to get myself in better shape - which I hoped in return would help me last longer during sex. However, after hoping for the best for a number of weeks, it became obvious that it wasn't going to work.

And that was the point when I realized I had to do something about it.

I Tried Stamina Pills & Failed.

At the time, Ejacutrol had just hit the market and after speaking to one of my roommates who had moderate success with it, I decided to give it a go.

At first it worked out reasonably well and my ejaculation control did start to get slightly better - and although I wasn't exactly sure if it was working or just a placebo effect, at least it was a start. And any 'start' was good!

However, after about 6 weeks of using these pills I began to feel a loss in my overall desire to have sex. I don't know why but even with no medical experience at all, I recognized that my hormone's were having some major problems. Another major issue was that I was spending too much money on these pills. $79.99 for just one bottle was far more than I could afford and it seemed like I was going back to the website every two weeks to purchase more pills. I found that I needed much more than the recommended dosage for it to have any real effect.

I was working my way through hundreds of dollars which was becoming a problem, especially as a student.

Eventually I had to stop.


I owe most of my success to my girlfriend Tiffany. Even after months of failure she always kept my hopes up. It was actually her idea to try out "Ejaculation Trainer", and although she still picks on me for making such a big deal about it, I'll never regret taking her advice to try it out


Then I Tried "Numbing Gels" And Lotions But Was Forced To Give Them Up.

The first time I tried using a numbing gel, it actually worked to make me last longer in bed... although the effects started to wear off within a few minutes. By the fourth day I began to feel slight irritation and itching from using the gel and after two weeks I experienced an extreme loss in sensation and even noticed a rash was starting to form on my penis. 

The most worrying thing of all was that I got a warning from my doctor and after deciding that the pain and discomfort I was experiencing wasn't worth it compared to the benefit the product was having on my ejaculation problem, I threw the gel in the trash the very next day.

I then tried a range of other penis desensitizing creams such as ProLong (it cost $165!). However, after experiencing more painful rashes and irritation within 12 days, I soon realized that if I was actually going to stop my premature ejaculation, this just wasn't going to work, unless I wanted to risk losing sensation in my penis forever.

Eventually, I found something that worked.

Having spent so much time, money and effort desperately trying to succeed with pills, gels and other products that ultimately had very little effect on my ability to prolong ejaculations became a big regret. However, the next thing I tried was a product called "Ejaculation Trainer".

I had never heard of it before and because of my recent experiences, I was initially a little skeptical. But after reading over a ton of satisfied customer reviews and learning that the cost was faily cheap compared to every other product i've tried, I decided to give it a shot.

What seemed to be so different with this program was that a major consideration was health although most important, I discovered a few unbelievable tricks to instantly last longer in bed overnight using entirely natural methods.

Here's why I recommend it.

The reason why I recommend Ejaculation Trainer is because I followed the instructions manual for a matter of hours and the results were almost unbelievable.

Although it did take me a few days longer to permanently stop my premature ejaculation than I had originally hoped, I went from lasting only 3 minutes in bed to a whopping 20 minutes on the first night, which I'm sure you'll agree is pretty astonishing. By the 2nd week I was almost at the stage of being able to last over an hour during sex!

In my opinion, "Ejaculation Trainer is the safest, fastest and most effective premature ejaculation cure i've ever used. Obviously every guy is different but it has worked extremely well for me. They tell you what to do. You do it - and you instantly last longer during sex. What could be simpler? And the results are permanent, so you can eventually stop using the techniques and simply enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life!

Anyway, I hope you've found this information useful whatever your situation because if I had known about Ejaculation Trainer a few years back, I would have followed their instructions guide long ago without wasting my time and money on pills and lotions.

I wish you the greatest success!


Scott McCormick



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